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FEMART 3th Edition

International Women Artists and Activists Festival

FEMART Festival, 3rd Edition 7th-12th October, 2015

The third edition of FemArt Festival was held from 7th to 12th October, 2015 in Prishtina, and the hosts of the activities were: Oda Theater, Faculty of Arts, Dodona Theater, National Theatre of Kosovo, EU Info Center.

FemArt as the only feminist festival in Kosovo and one of the largest festivals in the region during the six days offered theatre performances, slam poetry, exhibitions, workshops, concerts, and lots of other activities with a focus on topics about sexual violence during the war, violence in general, Reproductive health and sexuality, feminism in the country and the region, other issues that are taboo topics in Kosovo.

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Most of these activities were premiered in Kosovo and were all free of charge for the community.

Contents of the program of FemArt 2015: 6 theatre performances (5 of them – premiere), 1 video presentation, 5 exhibitions – premiere, 4 After Parties, 9 workshops, 1 meeting book author, 5 documentary films + 1 premiere, 5 panel discussions, 4 concerts, 1 scenic reading, 1 performance Poetry and Music – premiere.

During the six days of the festival, there were over 70 artists and activists (women and men) from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, USA, Georgia, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Zwitzerland, Italy, that were involved through their activities and projects.

The festival was attended by: 3,000 people.

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Exhibition followed by a concert “Muse”

Premiere, by Mjellma and Flaka Goranci from Kosovo/Austria

Theatrical performance “The Shivering of the Rose”

Premiere, by Dijana Milosevič and Maja Mitič from DAH Teatar, Serbia

After Party

Workshop “Physical Theatre”

By Deirde Morris and Kathryn Mark from USA

Theater Workshop

Led by Dijana Milosevič and Maja Mitič from DAH Teatar, Serbia

Workshop “Integrated Security”

By Yllka Soba

Panel discussion “Impact of Online Feminism”

With four panelists from Kosovo Elonë Kastrati, Shqipe Gjocaj, Rreze Abdullahu and Donjeta Morina, moderated by Lura Limani

Presentation of three short documentary films

“Smajl” by Zymryte Hoxhaj and Philipp Majer from Germany, “Where is Don?” by More Raça from Kosovo and “There is a Light inside” by Rea Surroi and Dardan Selimaj also from Kosovo

A theatrical performance “the Girl with the Sun over her Head”

Premiere, by Agnes Nokshiqi and Donikë Ahmeti

After Party with a concert

By FemArt Band – Nita Bahtiri, Njomzë Bislimi, Rabije Krasniqi and Xheneta Durguti

Scenic reading of “Picasso’s Lovers”

By Arbnesha Grabovci – Nixha at Oda Theatre

Two exhibitions premiere “I Wanted to Paint”

By Jana Jakimovska from Macedonia and “Fragile” by Shqipe Mehmeti from Macedonia

Scenic reading of “Picasso’s Lovers”

By Arbnesha Grabovci – Nixha at Oda Theatre

Theatrical performance “Seven Sights”

By Tanja Miletič Orudevič from Mostar Youth Theatre in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Workshop “Empower Her”

For young women by Sara Saljič from Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina

Panel discussion “Feminist Role Models”

With two panelists, one from Kosovo – Sevdije Ahmeti and one from Serbia – Ljerka Čurčin, moderated by Sibel Halimi

Workshop “Express Yourself, Don’t Repress Yourself”

By Lura Elezi from Albania

Theatrical performance “Dada – An essay in movement Journalist ”

Premiere, by Sanije Krsmanovič Tasič, Hleb Theatre and Bitef, Serbia

Presentation of two documentary short films: “Architecture of Sadness”

Premiere in Kosovo by Ermela Teli from Albania, and “Songs and Tambourines” by Fatime Kosumi

After party

Performance Poetry and Music

Premiere, by Elina Duni and Besa Myftiu from Switzerland/Kosovo

Performance “BabyAlarm”

Premiere, by Erëmira Çitaku – Flaut and electronic effects

Panel discussion on “International Girl Child Day”

With three panelists: Visare Mujko Nimani, Linda Gusia and Merita Limani

Exhibition, music and poetry “I am”-

Premiere, by five artists from Kosovo: Arlinda Hajrullahu, Blerta Surroi, Burbuqe Berisha, Eliza Hoxha and Mjellma Goranci

Presentation of two documentary short films: “Architecture of Sadness”

Premiere in Kosovo by Ermela Teli from Albania, and “Songs and Tambourines” by Fatime Kosumi


Video presentation of the concept of the FemArt festival

Theatrical performance

“War in Times of Love” by Blerta Neziraj

Workshop “Arts and LGBT”

By Xheni Karaj from Albania

Panel discussion

“My Body, My territory” with two panelists Ivana Smailjanič from Serbia and Valbona Xibri from Italy, moderated by Besa Luci

Writing workshop

“Express Yourself, Don’t Repress Yourself”

After Party

With young artists Vala Mulliqi, Fatjon Myftaraj and Art Lokaj

Theatre Performance

“Cracks are how the Light Gets In” by Deirdre Morris – USA – premiere

Slam Poetry

“Gypsee Yo” by Jonida Beqo from Albania

Premiere exhibition in Kosovo

“Proteine Being, Streile World” by Salome Kokoladze an artist guest from Georgia

Cocktail After Party

With a performance by Ivana Dragsiqi from Macedonia


“Physical Theatre” led by Deirde Morris and Kathryn Mark from USA

Meeting with book author

Flutra Açka from Albania, moderated by Naime Beqiraj

Documentary film “Mission Rape – One War Weapon”

By Annette Mari, Katia Forbert – Petersen guests from Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Great Britain

Panel discussion on “Sexual Violence in Conflicts”

With four panelists Igballe Rogova, Flora Macula, Jeta Krasniqi and Feride Rushiti, moderated by Zana Hoxha

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