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FEMART 5th Edition


For the Fifth time, Artpolis organized FemArt festival - Women Artists Regional Festival that was held in Prishtina and Mitrovica North during 25-31 May, 2017 (7 days).

The moto of the festival for this year was FEARLESS thus encouraging resilience and solidarity with women and men whose rights are violated due to their ethnic, social, racial backgrounds and sexual preferences.

The program of the festival included, but was not limited to topics such as: Human rights, Sexual and Reproductive health rights, Transitional justice and peace, LGBTQI rights, Women empowerment, Violence against women, global and regional exchange successes stories, gender based violence, etc.

The festival featured original Artistic creations by women in Kosovo, region and world-wide. FemArt showcased 5 Theatre performances, 1 Dance Theatre, 15 Artistic films, 2 Documentary films, 1 Street Performance, 1 Meet the Poet, 1 Slam Poetry, 1 Stand-Up Comedy, 7 Music Concerts, 1 Yoga and Meditation session, 3 Exhibitions, 1 Art Installation 2 Presentations, 7 Panel Discussions, 1 Forum and 7 Workshops.

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The program of the festival included topics such as: Human rights, Sexual and Reproductive health rights, Transitional justice and peace, LGBTQI rights, Women empowerment, Violence against women, global and regional exchange successes stories, gender based violence, etc.

All these powerful and inspiring events were conducted in 12 different areas and two cities of Kosova: ODA Theatre, EU Information and Cultural Center, DODONA Theatre, JCoders Academy, Monet Arts & Books Gallery, Ulpiana’s Bunker, Amphitheatre of Prishtina University, Germia Park, Mother Theresa Square, Termokiss, EU Information and Cultural Center – Mitrovica North, Learning Hall Center in Roma Quart – Mitrovica North and Prestige Caffe.

During the Seven days of the festival, there were over 100 artists and activists (women and men) from different countries were involved through their activities and projects, while volunteers from all communities living in Kosovo were part of the organization.


Stand-Up Comedy

Performed by Agnesa Qerimi/Kosovo

Theatre performance

“Plas” performed by Rreze Qerreti/Kosovo

Screening of a film

Called “The Silence” with directors: Ali Asgari and Farnoosh Samadi/Freance, Italy

Screening of a film

Called “The Silence” with directors: Ali Asgari and Farnoosh Samadi/Freance, Italy


Comcert in North Mitrovica by the “Heels and Boots” Band/Kosovo


Workshop “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Women” by Ana Rizescu from Romania/YouAct

“Meet the Poet”

“Meet the Poet” with Qibrije Demiri – Frangu, one of the first women poets during the early 90s. Her poems were beautifully read by our two great artists Melihate Qena and Anisa Ismaili, moderated by Naime Beqiraj

The presentation of Doku:Tech

“Art as an inspiration for Technology” by Abetare Gojani and Leart Zogjani/Kosovo

Documentary Film

Documentary Film followed with a panel discussion on the story of Ferdonije Qerkezi; with panelists Ferdonije Qerkezi, Gazmend Bajri and Eli Krasniqi, moderated by Ardiana Shala/Kosovo

Theatre performance

“God’s Dice”; Director and Actress: Camilla Sandri and Samuel Nicola Fusca from Italy. Concert by a band called “The Lovers”


Concert by a band called “The Lovers”

DIY: Workshop “Programming and Electronics”

By JCoders Academy with 20 students

Panel discussion “Fantastic Feminist”

Young Women promoting Peace – with panelists: Jelena Memet, Jetbardha Selmani, Anita Dragosavac, Liridona Osmanaj, Minja Mardonovic, Fjolla Vukshinaj from Kosovo and Serbia; and moderated by Sara Saljic from Bosnia and Hercegovina

Photography exhibition “Womanism”

By Ivana Dervishi from Albania

Premiere exhibition called “Details exists; memory, memory’s light; afterglow exists; papaversomniferum exists; sameness, loneliness exist; and the future, the future?”

By artist Sihana Shalaj and curator Njomza Dragusha

Classical concert – Triodesoprano

By Alberta Troni, Eremira Citaku and Jeta Citaku from Kosovo

Theatre Performance “She asked for it”

A production of PAN Theatre from Serbia; directed by: Ksenija Krnajski and actresses: Branka Stojkovic, Olivera Viktorovic Duraskovic, Maja Mitic, Tijana Jankovic and Bojana Duraskovic


Of Elsa Rraqi/Kosovo called “I AM light”.

Workshop on “Creative Writing”

By Ervina Halili and Shpetim Selmani.

Panel discussion, exhibition and a documentary film on LGBTQI Rights in the region “Story from the Balkans

The challenges of the LGBTQI community in the region” with panelists: Bekim Asani–FYR Macedonia, Blert Morina – Kosovo, Vasilika Laci – Albania and Stefan Bogdanov – Bulgaria, and moderated by Zana Hoxha – Kosovo/Artpolis


Screening of a soul-touching documentary film “Transindia”, India

“Yoga, Love and Meditation”,

Screening of a soul-touching documentary film “Transindia”, India
By Yoga instructor Suada Pajaziti/Kosovo

Street performance

“Fearless” by Camilla Sandri and Samuel Nicola Fusca

Theatre Performance

“Women who became men”, directed by a successful Albanian woman– Valbona Xibri that lives and works in Italy and played by a fascinating actress from Ukraine – Maryna Ivashchenko

Premiere Slam Poetry

By Adelina Tershani/Kosovo called “I am fearless”

Workshop “Forum Theatre as a tool for societal change”

With Driada Matoshi and LulzimBucolli

Panel discussion “The role of the ombudsman in advancing women rights in Kosovo”

With panelists: Hilmi Jashari, Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa, and Donjeta Kelmendi, moderated by Adelina Berisha

Workshop “My body, my decision”

By Milica Dordevic; in North Mitrovica

Theatre Performance “Smells like Women”

With a concept by Klementina Ramushi and with actors: Rita Thaqi, Margarita Ukaj, Elmedina Ramushi, and Vjosa Fusha

Panel Discussion “Feminism Role Models”

By Melanie Zoey Weinstein, USA; “Lookout” by Noa Gusakov, Jerusalem; “Hux” by Mageina Tov, England; “The Good Mother” by Sarah Clift, England; “Oh be joyful” by Susan Jacobson, England; and “Losing sight of shore” by Sara Moshman, USA

Panel Discussion “Feminism Role Models”

With speakers Delina Fico and Shukrije Gashi, moderated by Valdete Idrizi

Exhibition “I am a countrywoman”

In North Mitrovica, by artist Milana Bulatovic

Workshop “Gender Mainstreaming in culture and art”

By Mimoza Paçuku and Erblin Ajdini

Panel discussion “Women change makers in sport”

With panelists: Geta Beqa, Daulina Osmani, Vlona Maloku, Zërina Shatri and Shehrije Gërbeshi, moderated by Alisa Hasani

Theatrical performance

By Gypsy Wheels with director Kalin Angleov and actors: Nataliya Tzekova and Martin Lubenov

Screening of both international and national movies: “The Evans Girl”

By Val Jashari, USA; “Shirt Sleeve” by SuelaBako, Albania; “Ana” by Ajola Daja, Albania; “Threads” by Donjeta Hyseni, Kosovo; “One, two monologues” by Blerina Goce, Albania; “EU, so near, so far” by Gerta Kapllani, Albania; “Flower of a thousand colors” by Karen Vazquez, Guadarrama, Belgium; “Seide” by Elnura Osmonalieva, Krygyzstan/New York and “Belladonna” by Dubravka Turic, Croatia all selected by a young well known director More Raça

Panel Discussion “Gender Policies in the University of Prishtina”

With panelists: Vjollca Krasniqi, Besa Shahini, Nita Luci and Jeta Berisha, moderated of Venera Cocaj


Concert of Vjollca Robelli Mripa, with musicians Aram Zarikian and Danny Rico from London

Workshop “Addressing Gender Based Violence”

By Valdete Idrizi

Panel discussion

“What does the SAA bring to women in Kosovo” with panelists: Anila Statovci – Demaj, Flora Macula, Jeta Krasniqi, Nora Latifi Jashari, Donika Emini with moderator Iliriana Banjska


Concert by our special guest - Farah Siraj, a Jordanian musician focusing on flamenco and Arab music, played with musicians Agron Peni, Xhemil Gjini and Ertan Ilyaz


Presentation of one of the biggest theatres in the world, “La Mama” by Kim Ima and Maud Dinad/USA