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FEMART 7th Edition


For the Seventh time, Art and Community Center - Artpolis has organized FemArt festival - International Women Artists and Activists Festival that was held in Pristina during 10 -16 June, 2019 (7 days).

The motto of the festival for this year was Freedom VS Shame thus encouraging women to take ownership of their lives and decision making while promoting a life free of judgment and prejudice.

Women are shamed consistently for whatever reason the patriarchal views can think of, that is why with this motto we aim to raise awareness and empower all women regardless of their ethnic, social, racial backgrounds and sexual preferences.

The program of the festival included, but was not limited to topics such as: Human rights, Sexual and Reproductive health rights - abortion, Transitional justice and peace, LGBTQI rights, Women empowerment, Violence against women, global and regional exchange successes stories etc.

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The festival featured original Artistic creations created by women in Kosovo, region and world-wide with 5 Theatre performances, 1 Dance Theatre, 1 Street Performance, 1 Meet the Poet, 1 Slam Poetry, 4 Music Concerts, 2 Exhibitions, 1 Master Class, 2 Conferences, 3 Panel Discussions, 1 Presentation and 4 Workshops.

All these powerful and inspiring events were conducted in 13 different areas: Hotel Grand, ODA Theatre, Innovation Center Kosovo – ICK, Menza Ramiz Sadiku, National Library of Kosovo, The National Theatre of Kosovo, Student Center, Faculty of Arts, Mother Teresa Square, The National Gallery of Kosovo, Etno Village Kukaj, Fidan Lahu – Center and Lapidarium of Kosovo Museum.

During the Seven days of the festival, there were over 200 artists and activists (women and men) from Kosovo, Albania, Africa, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Japan, France, Netherland, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, that were involved through their activities and projects. As every year 30 volunteers had the opportunity to be part of the festival, to help the festival in order for everything to go smoothly and in return FemArt helped them grow in cultural managerial skills, as well as on a personal level, new friendships and joyful moments

The festival was attended by: 4,000 people.

The seventh edition of Femart is supported by: European Union, Kvinna till Kvinna, Austrian Development Cooperation, UNFPA, Ministry of culture, youth and sports, Prishtina Municipality, Cfd, KRCT, Unë e Du Kosovën, IPKO Foundation, UNWOMEN, K10Coalition, Hotel International Prishtina.

Institutional and media sponsors: Glam Radio, Kosovo National Library “Pjetër Bogdani”, The National Gallery of Kosovo, Kosovo Museum, Oda Theater, KultPlus, KTV, Menza Ramiz Sadiku.

Femart Festival 7th edition was part of the 20 activities commemorating the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Prishtina, organized in cooperation with the municipality of Prishtina.


Exhibition “Be my face”

Artist Eliza Hoxha


Agnes Nokshiqi & Mjellma Goranci | Kosovo

Concert – LUCIBELA “Tribute to Cesaria Evora” / Cabo-Verdean-e (São Nicolau –Barlavento islands)

Artists: Lucibela; Cavaquinho: José Antonio; Guitar: Stephan George

Conference - #Unbroken / Wrong place, wrong time – 20 years later

Panel I: “The survivors of sexual violence during 90s war – 20 years later”, Panelists: Feride Rushiti-KRCT, Kadire Tahiraj -QPDG, Reyes Charle Cuellar - Gender Adviser/EU, Sabiha Husić - Medica / Bosna&Hercegovina, Mirlinda Sada - Medica / Gjakova; Moderator: Valdete Idrizi

Panel II: “No shame in Justice: Addressing stigma against survivor of sexual violence during the 90s war in Kosovo - Government Institutions Perspective",

Panelists: Drita Hajdari – Prosecutor, Minire Begaj Chairwoman of the Government Commission for the recognition and verification of violated persons, Tom Adams - Deputy Head of Mission /British Embassy in Kosovo, Edi Gusia – Agency for Gender Equality; Moderator: Jeta Xharra - Birn

Panel III: “Fighting Stigma through Media and Arts - Addressing and acknowledging sexual violence during the war in Kosovo”,

Panelists: Eliza Hoxha – artist, Ardianë Pajaziti –Kultplus, Ramize Murtezi-Shala – RTK, Valerie Plesch Photojournalist, Modertor: Donika Emini – activist / researcher *This conference is organized in partnership with KRCT - Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims

Masterclass – WikiWoman Albanian + Edit – A – Thon

Trainers: Rina Zhubi

“Poetry for Power” – Poetry night & Music

, Artists: Flutura Açka – Albania; Klara Buda author – France; Nurie Emrullai – North Macedonia; Ilire Zajmi; Donika Dabishevci; Sibel Halimi – Kosova; Music: Albulena Jashari – singer; Faruk Banjska – guitar
Menza Ramiz Sadiku

Performance– QUEENDOM / Hungary

Concept & Direction: Veronika Szabó Artists: Luca Borsos, Julia Jakubowska, Rozália Kemény, Fanni Lakos, Lori Baldwin, Sarah Günther, Veronika Szabó, Viktoria Makra; Consulents: Márta Ladjánszki, Tamara Zsófia Vadas; Costumes: Anna Ádám; Lights: Máté Bredán; Dj: Vera Vida; Sound and music editor: Dávid Somló
Oda Theatre

Conference - #Unbroken / Breaking the Power of Shame

Panel I: “Introductory Remarks and Presentation of Report: “Abortions in Kosovo: an analysis of induced abortions and reproductive health from 1999 – 2019” Panelists: Gunther Zimmer – Austrian, Development Agency, Edona Hajrullahu - Ombudsperson, Visare Nimani - UNFPA, Iliriana Banjska - author of Report, Moderator: Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa – activist.

Panel II: “Questions and Answers Sessions with the Public”,

Panelists: Leonida Molliqaj – Investigative Journalist, Iliriana Banjska - Researcher


Agnes Nokshiqi & Mjellma Goranci | Kosovo
20:45 - 21:30

Panel III: “Abortions in Kosovo: Viewpoint of Medical Doctors and Professionals”

Panelists: Blerim Syla – Gynecologist/Head of Federation of Health Syndicates in Kosovo, Myrvete Paçarada – Head of Gynecology Department, Mrika Aliu – Action for Mothers and Children, Iliriana Banjska - Researcher Moderator: Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa – activist. *This conference is organized in partnership with Austrian Development Agency – ADA.

Inauguration of Mural #Unbroken

Promoting and Empowering women through Art, Artist: Judith De Leeuw / Netherland

Theatre Performance “ETYMOS” / Italy

Promoting and Empowering women through Art, Artist: Judith De Leeuw / Netherland
Choreography: Simona Cieri; Concept: Rosanna Cieri; Music: different authors; Costumes: Sara Galli; Directed by: Rosanna and Simona Cieri

After Party

Faybeo’n Mickens, LiKWUiD (Stylez) USA, Lilac (Warm Up)

Workshop – “Creating Feminist Posters” / Albania – Italy

trainers: Blerta Hoçia & Silvia Basso

Presentation - “Talk with Silvia Basso: Illustration, Language and Invention” / Italy,

Artist: Silvia Basso

Panel discussion: “Women artists in decision-making”

Panelists: Vjosa Berisha; Dijana Milošević; Besa Luzha; Merita Smaja; Ema Andrea, Moderator: More Raça

Theater performance “La Grand Cahier”/Japan

Director: Akane YAKAGUCHI – Aktors: Seiji Takasugi; Atsushi Heki; Kohsuke Ashiya; Tatsuya; Yasuko Sasaki

Feminist discussions “Connect + Engage + Inspire”

Hiking, sightseeing, rest and relaxation with artists and activists of Femart Festival
Etno Village – Kukaj.

Workshop in the street

“Be the Rhythm” / (African singing and dancing) / Portugal

Workshop in the street

“Be the Rhythm” / (African singing and dancing) / Portugal – Artists: YEMADAS – Portugal

Sales exhibition

“Lily of the Valley” & Music, Curator: Njomëza Luci; Music: Vala Mulliqi / vocal & Denis Rexhepi /guitar

Theatre Performance “The Canon of Women”

Premier, Director: Arlinda Morina – Assistant director: Labinot Rraci, Actresses: Arta Lahu, Kaltrinë Zeneli, Molikë Maxhuni, Qëndresa Kajtazi, Qëndresa Loki, Rajmonda Ahmetaj, Shqipe Gashi, Vjosa Abazi. Production: Art and Community Center - Artpolis.

Panel Discussion “Young Promoters from the Region”

Panelists: Rreze Abdullahu / KS, Stefana Živković, Duresa Tafa/KS, Vildana Džekman/BiH, Andrijana Kocić/SRB, Jasmina Todorović/SRB, Ana Vasileva/NM; Moderatore: Nertila Qarri Gërguri/KS.

Book Promotion & Panel Discussion: “Inter-generational Dialogue on Feminist Activism in National (Post-) Yugoslav space". Author & Moderator: Vjollca Krasniqi

Panelists: Dafina Beqiri/ Ks, Liridona Sijarina/KS, Zana FemArt /KS, Jadranka Miličević/BiH, Vildana Džekman/BiH, Lepa Mlađenović/SRB, Sanja Dojkić/SRB

Theatre Performance

“Milky Way”, Author / Director: Armand Bora, Actress: Egla Ceno

Artistic Performance & Slam Poetry

“From 'Other' to 'Self', Artist: Uresa Ahmeti; Moderator: Genta Sefa

FemArt Finale - Concert

Special guest “Yemadas”/Portugal, A ritual and deep journey into tribal contemporary trance.

FemArt Finale - Concert

Evolution Dance crew/Kosova

FemArt Finale - Concert

Marsela Cibukaj, Vitmar Basha & Band/Albania.