FEMART 9th Edition

As a team, collective, diverse peoples, women and especially as a part of unifying platform like Artpolis, we are thrilled to announce that the new FemArt Edition is in the making. FemArt Festival is a platform where artists and activists gather to revolutionize from scratch. But we also transform what’s already started for a bearable now and a better tomorrow.

Through our past editions we haven’t simply destabilized, but we have also shattered harmful status quo-s, norms and structures. It is almost never easy to move forward. But as Rosa Luxemburg says “those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” We as Artpolis team and FemART organizers are committed to break free of chains. Until the last oppressive link is detached and destroyed to particles, until our chains have disappeared, our fight hasn't been completed.

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FemArt Festival 8th edition Solidarity and Resilience

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Femart Festival 8th Edition

Solidarity and Resilience Program

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November 17, 2020

Femart 8-të publikon raportin “Drejt Solidaritetit dhe Bashkëpunimit” – me një konferencë ndërkombëtare shpalosi të arriturat e grave dhe atë se çka duhet bërë tutje

Insajderi Përmes publikimit të raportit me titull  “Drejt Solidaritetit dhe Bashkëpunimit” dhe konferencës ndërkombëtare, Festivali Femart, i cili ka nisur rrugëtimin e tij të tetë me moton “Solidaritet dhe Qëndrueshmëri”,…
November 17, 2020

Femart’s 8th edition celebrates resilience and solidarity in challenging times

Prishtina Insight The six day Femart festival featuring performances, film screenings and panel discussions begins in Prishtina on Thursday. From Thursday until next Tuesday, the eighth edition of the six-day…
November 17, 2020

FemArt, festivali që në kohë pandemie zgjati dorën e “Solidaritetit dhe qëndrueshmërisë”

In Insjaderi   02 Nëntor 2020 Pas një mbyllje të totale si masë për tu mbrojtur nga pandemia COVID-19, të gjitha festivalet artistike u shndërruan në festival online. Por festivali FemArt,…

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