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By Mimozë Musliu

We are born and raised without knowing what life can offer us. Every challenge in life, as difficult as it is, it is also beautiful, because they give meaning and impetus to life; to embrace the challenges as they come and after each challenge people to be stronger than they were yesterday.

The documentary “Biba May – No More”, that was presented on May 17, 2023 at the spaces of 7 Arte in Mitrovica as part of FemArt 11, was a story of inspiration to embrace life.

The life of the woman presented in the film, to whom the world passes in front of her wheelchair, shows the character of a strong woman, of a woman with an iron will. Regardless of the limiting barriers that life and society bring to her, she lives, walks, falls and gets up fearless, facing challenges, because she has a mission, the mission to leave great deeds, driven by her will and love for life, each path to live and contribute like everyone else in society. Although life mercilessly knocks people with disabilities from corner to corner, they always make it with their heads held high, never giving up, even though in the eyes of others they are sometimes looked over with the eye of mercy, they are even often considered a burden to society.

The protagonist of the film, Resmije Rrahmani, even though she uses a wheelchair, she continues, continues, continues without stopping and persistently the journey towards the future, because she knows that her actions yesterday, today, and tomorrow will to be a motivation for moving forward for all people with disabilities, while for others (peoples with “typical development”) it will be a golden mirror and an example, which shows that life’s challenges and struggles do not lock a person inside the walls of the house, but they shape her so that doesn’t fall down again.

God brings each and everyone into life and society with a certain mission, different from each other, and with mining potential, to leave traces of change from their contribution with strong foundations. One of these people is Biba May, who knows no difficulties and whose wounds do not hurt, but lives to work and succeed for others too, because she is lead by the love of her big heart.