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By Mimozë Musliu

The theater scene, the performance of “Fefu and her friends” was impressive, magical, which fills you with solar energy, it was performed in a very close proximity, face to face with the audience.

The silent audience eagerly waited to hear the performance of the actors who brilliantly portrayed seven women with different characters and personalities, but with similar problems and challenges. They cried to each other, talked about ordinary everyday things, which can be part of the life of every woman in the country and in the world.

A theatrical performance with a script in harmony with the motto of 11th edition of FemArt Festival “Burn Your Fear”, dealt with issues related to discrimination, prejudice, sexism and misogyny of women against women, all these issues were treated aggressively, violent and with vulgar language.

However, starting from the social mentality, we see elements of patriotism, with the vulgar language used, with the freedom and unbridled life. The theatrical performance has managed to break the barrier of stigmas with which we have, and still unfortunately continue to live against personal freedom, accepting fear, often even violence, just so that our lives, as girls and women, are not different, but according to social rules.

The theater show “Fefu and her friends” was lengthy and because of that, sometimes it was a bit longer for the audience. However, despite the length, there was a concept and a strong and reflective message for girls and women, to raise their voice, to speak up, to be brave to fight fear, to stand up for themselves and never see themselves as victims, but to be freed from it.

A message for women: to overcome the habit of backbiting, prejudice, discrimination, and misogyny towards women. To embrace the most valuable and precious virtue in life, the virtue of love. Trust in each other, support for each other, for the fact that together we are stronger, and by spending time together we are free to live personal freedom.