Zana Hoxha

Foreword by Zana Hoxha

FemArt Festival Director

Dear artists, activists, friends and supporters of FemArt Festival. Thank you for choosing to be part of our adventure of feminist engaged art from 10 – 16 June 2019.

During the seven days of the FemArt Festival and with over 30 events, the seventh edition of the Festival will bring forth the voices of 200 artists, performing theater plays, concerts, book promotions, exhibitions, poetry, workshops, discussion panels, murals and other forms of art.

During a week filled with high quality artistic creations, positive energy, enormous power and support, FemArt will set the rules of the game by trying to raise awareness and empower women regardless of their ethnic, social, and racial background, and sexual preferences.

FemArt raises the voice on behalf of all those who for one reason or another cannot speak for themselves, cannot exercise their human rights, cannot live in freedom and peace with inviolable dignity from the social norms that serve the ‘oppressors’. Despite the beatings from every challenge imposed by the patriarchal society, women continue to be the demanding pillar “with freedom vs shame.”

We will raise our voice together with women who want to own their lives, to take decisions with no hesitation, to come out of the shell where they have been put against their will, frightened by the patriarchal prejudice and mindset that judges, despises, stigmatizes, abuses and kills.

With the freedom brought by the theater plays, magic of the word, of the special colors, of enchanting music, courageous poetry, we are going to raise our voice on behalf of those who hesitate to speak up, who cannot be heard. Let us jointly work towards human rights, sexual and reproductive health rights, peace and transitional justice, LGBTQI community’s rights, empowerment of women and girls. Let’s exchange successful experiences in the region and the world; let’s talk about gender-based violence, and many other vital issues that women and girls in Kosovo and all over the world face.

This artistic and activism week was organized and enabled by the generous engagement of the staff of Artpolis Center, and unreserved support of the following donors: European Union, Kvinna till Kvinna, Austrian Development Cooperation, UNFPA, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Municipality of Prishtina, 20/20 Initiative, Cfd, I Love Kosovo [Unë e Du Kosovën], UNWOMEN, IPKO Foundation, K10 Coalition, Hotel International Prishtina, including institutional and media supporters: Glam Radio, “Pjetër Bogdani” National Library of Kosovo, Museum of Kosovo, Oda Theater, KultPlus, whom I would like to thank profoundly for the continuous partnership.

Dear friends, dear artists, activists, volunteers, supporters, donors and noble supporters of our cause, you who believe that change is possible: come and joint us and be a part of these activities.
We look forward to see you there! FemArt has a voice and will be heard!

Zana Hoxha Krasniqi
Festival Director